Thursday, April 12, 2012

My name around the world

School 238 - my lovely students are working with great pleasure in this project "My name around the world".They have many pictures, drawings which they have drown themselves.They are new in this project.They try to do their best for this project.They discribe their name in these pictures.We joined IEARN project last year.We are very happy to join this project.My students can share their oponion with other friends from other countries.In this way we also learn English and find friends, spend a good time.


  1. Dear students and teacher (unfortunately i don't know name of teacher form 238 school) it is so nice to see your works. Congratulation, great job.
    I post your link on My Name around the world Project blog.

    Best regards,
    Pavle Tvaliashvili
    project coordinator

    1. Hello Pavle.Thanks a lot for posting my blog to My Name around the world project blog.My students and me were very happy to join your project.We gratefull to you.

      Best whishes,
      Solmaz Suleymanova
      English teacher